How it works

Over the years, I've come to discover that the best way in helping clients achieve their health goals is through a 12 week programme. I offer three types:

  • Food for Mood - regain your mojo, get your energy back, and start living life to the fullest again.
  • Weight Management - become the best version of yourself, whatever your goals are.
  • Personalised Plan - work to control your health issues that may be controlling your life, and stopping you from doing the things you love to do.

Each programme is available at 3 price points, starting at £240. They all include:

  • Face to face consultations and support calls
  • In-depth analysis of medical conditions, current symptoms, and medical and family history
  • A full assessment of dietary habits, goals, lifestyle and food diary
  • Full medication and supplement review
  • If testing is appropriate, full support and detailed analysis of results
  • Creating a personalised and comprehensive food and lifestyle plan
  • Availability to recipes, meal plans and shopping advice
  • Email support
  • Coaching, accountability and support to help you achieve your health goals.

Please contact me for full details on programme options, you can do this by booking a free 15 minute phone consultation here. If a 12 week programme is not for you, consultations on a pay as you go basis are also available. See the 'Fees' section below for prices.

Choosing a Nutritional Therapist

By choosing a Nutritional Therapist who is a member of BANT you can be confident that they follow the strict BANT Code of Professional Practice, have professional indemnity insurance for clinical practice and also meet the membership entry criteria found at this link. I am a full member of BANT.


Individual Consultations:

Initial Consultation (90 minutes) - £85

Follow-up (60 minutes) - £65

Check in Phone Call (30 minutes) - £38

£3 extra charge for Saturday appointments


I am also available to run Corporate workshops, where I provide an overview of the impact of food and nutrition on the body and explain how tailoring your diet can help improve health and quality of life. These sessions can be followed up with individual consultations where people are inspired to investigate these matters further. 

 To discuss this further and to see how I can meet your exact requirements please call me.


Given the growing public interest in diet, health and quality of life I am always available to provide Nutritional Therapy news and/or advice via the written media – be that through traditional methods (newspapers, magazines, journals, etc) or electronic internet services (web sites, blogs, etc). 

To discuss this further and to see how I can meet your exact requirements please call me.